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Knipfer, Kristin; Shaughnessy, Brooke; Hentschel, Tanja; Schmid, Ellen (2017): Unlocking Women's Leadership Potential: A Curricular Example for Developing Female Leaders in Academia. In: Journal of Management Education, Vol. 41, No. 2: pp. 272-302


Women in academia face unique challenges when it comes to advancing to professorship. Using latest research about gender and academic leadership, we present a training curriculum that is sensitive to the unique demands of women in and aspiring to leadership positions in academia. The context-specific and evidence-based approach and a focus on self-directed leadership development are unique characteristics of the training. It aims to enhance women's motivation to lead, increase their knowledge about academic leadership, and empower them to seek the support they need to proactively work toward appointment to a professorship. We also delineate an evaluation framework, which addresses these targeted outcomes. The findings from a pilot program in Germany confirmed that the curriculum is effective in developing women as academic leaders. The discussion highlights the significance of a context-specific and evidence-based approach to women's leadership development in academia.