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Lochner, S. J.; Scherr, M.; Perl, M.; Grove, C. (2017): Schweres stumpfes Thoraxtrauma nach Skikollision. In: Unfallchirurg, Vol. 120, No. 2: pp. 162-166
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


An approximately 25-year-old skier collided in a ski-run intersection. At high speed, he first hit another skier and then smashed into a snow cannon. He died from his injuries a short time later in hospital. A whole-body CT scan was conducted under resuscitation conditions, which was followed by an autopsy. The investigation revealed a severe blunt thoracic trauma as cause of death. The detailed analysis was the result of the combination of the two methods of investigation, CT scan and autopsy. The methods complemented each other effectively and allowed for a detailed presentation of the injury pattern. In conjunction with the additional analytical accident report, this combination of CT scan and autopsy contributes towards a reconstruction of accidents and the development of prevention measures and related protective systems.