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Kapser, Claudia; Herzinger, Thomas; Hampl, Monika (2017): Dermale Veränderungen in der Genitalregion. Interdisziplinäre Aspekte für Gynäkologie und Dermatologie. In: Gynäkologe, Vol. 50, No. 6: pp. 459-470
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Skin lesions on the female genitals are common. Both gynaecologists and dermatologists are regularly confronted with them. Finding the right contact may be difficult for patients since it is not always obvious in whose responsibility genital skin changes belong. Knowledge of the most frequent diseases is essential for physicians of both specialties in order to make the correct diagnosis, to initiate targeted treatment or refer the patient to a specialist. Often interdisciplinary cooperation is recommended. A summary of important chronic-inflammatory and infectious genital skin diseases and of pigmented changes of female genital skin is provided.