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Fürmetz, J., Schieker, M. and Böcker, W. (2017): Knochenmarködemsyndrome. Ein Literaturüberblick. In: Osteologie, Vol. 26, No. 2: pp. 67-73

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After the first description of transient osteoporosis in 1959 many research has been published on bone marrow edema syndromes. Correct diagnosis in case of bone marrow edema still remains challenging, although imaging technologies are constantly improving. A regional osteoporosis together with bone marrow edema exists in bone marrow edema syndromes like the transient osteo porosis or the regional migratory osteoporosis. Additionally these entities are similar in clinical symptoms and self limiting. Differential diagnosis to other more aggressive conditions is essential. Pathomechanism and therapy of bone marrow edema syndromes are topics of current studies.

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