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Spek, A.; Szabados, B.; Ziegelmüller, B.; Stief, C.; D'Anastasi, M. (2017): Clinical Usage of Different Guidelines in Routine Management, Therapy and Follow-Up of Patients with Renal Cell Cancer in Germany. In: Urologia internationalis, Vol. 98, No. 2: pp. 156-161
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Objectives: To evaluate the usage of different guidelines and to estimate the impact of changed recommendation in routine management, therapy and follow-up of patients with renal cell cancer (RCC). Methods: An anonymous questionnaire was sent to 600 urologists in Germany. Twenty-seven percent of them were included in the analysis. The questions were about the practice setting, surgical and medical treatment of RCC, follow-up modalities, knowledge and usage of RCC guidelines. Results were correlated with the recommendations of the EAU-guideline. Results: Sixty-eight percent of the urologists were office based. Sixty percent were located in bigger cities. Ninety-eight percent of the colleagues reported to be knowledgeable about the EAU-guidelines, 62% reported to know the American Urological Association, 59% DGU/AWMF, 19% National Comprehensive Cancer Network, 19% European Society for Medical Oncology, 13% Onkopedia, and 3% British Association of Urological Surgeons-guidelines. Eighty-seven percent reported that partial nephrectomy (Nx) was performed in tumours with diameter <4 cm. Forty-one percent performed a radical Nx for tumours that were 4-7 cm. Followup of RCC was done in 99%. Fifty-nine percent underwent an abdominal CT scan after 6 months. Thirty-nine percent got a chest X-ray done. Among those with metastatic RCC, only 84% were offered systemic therapy. First-line therapy was predominantly advocated using sunitinib. Conclusion: Almost all urologists know and use the EAU-guidelines. Other guidelines are rarely used. Follow-up is performed in discordance with the EAU-recommendations. Interestingly, only 84% with metastatic disease are introduced to systemic therapy. (C) 2016 S. Karger AG, Basel