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Enamorado, Michel; Iborra, Salvador; Priego, Elena; Cueto, Francisco J.; Quintana, Juan A.; Martinez-Cano, Sarai; Mejias-Perez, Ernesto; Esteban, Mariano; Melero, Ignacio; Hidalgo, Andres and Sancho, David (2017): Enhanced anti-tumour immunity requires the interplay between resident and circulating memory CD8(+) T cells. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 8, 16073 [PDF, 874kB]


The goal of successful anti-tumoural immunity is the development of long-term protective immunity to prevent relapse. Infiltration of tumours with CD8(+) T cells with a resident memory (Trm) phenotype correlates with improved survival. However, the interplay of circulating CD8(+) T cells and Trm cells remains poorly explored in tumour immunity. Using different vaccination strategies that fine-tune the generation of Trm cells or circulating memory T cells, here we show that, while both subsets are sufficient for anti-tumour immunity, the presence of Trm cells improves anti-tumour efficacy. Transferred central memory T cells (Tcm) generate Trm cells following viral infection or tumour challenge. Anti-PD-1 treatment promotes infiltration of transferred Tcm cells within tumours, improving anti-tumour immunity. Moreover, Batf3-dependent dendritic cells are essential for reactivation of circulating memory anti-tumour response. Our findings show the plasticity, collaboration and requirements for reactivation of memory CD8(+) T cells subsets needed for optimal tumour vaccination and immunotherapy.

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