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Diener, Hans-Christoph; Gaul, Charly; Göbel, Hartmut; Holle, Dagny; Liesering-Latta, Eva; Nägel, Steffen; Schäfer, Benjamin; Sorgenfrei, Verena; Storch, Peter; Straube, Andreas; Israel-Willner, Heike; Reuter, Uwe (2017): Integrierte Versorgung Kopfschmerz. In: Aktuelle Neurologie, Vol. 44, No. 4: pp. 231-242
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Headaches have a high prevalence and are among the most common neurological disorders. They may lead to remarkable disability, contained quality of life, and consecutively to considerable socioeconomic burden. Previous supply structures could not address these issues properly resulting a shortage of treatment options. Hence the concept of integrated care was established and developed for German headache patients. An interdisciplinary approach was established as key feature for both assessment and treatment of headache patients within this concept. This article provides a detailed insight into the collaboration of physicians, psychologists and physical therapist and further presents the supply structure in general and the details and outcome measures for the involved centers located in Essen, Munich, Jena, Berlin and Kiel. Based on the experience with integrated headache care so far the future headache care should be across the whole health care system, multidisciplinary and with coordinated treatment pathways.