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Glindemann, Ralf and Ziegler, Wolfram (2017): Kommunikativ-pragmatisches Screening (KOPS). Ein Untersuchungsinstrument für Patienten mit Aphasie. In: Sprache-Stimme-Gehor, Vol. 41, No. 2: pp. 102-107

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This article presents a new diagnostic instrument for the clinical assessment of communicative-pragmatic functions in patients with aphasia, termed Communicative Pragmatic Screening (KOPS). The test comprises nine subtests with a total of 44 items probing a variety of receptive and expressive communicative skills. Patients may respond in all modalities, namely orally, with gestures, by writing, or by drawing. Administration of the KOPS also includes provision of systematically graded cues. We report on a clinical trial of KOPS including 20 patients with aphasia. Data relating to item difficulty are listed, as well as correlations with subtests of the Aachen Aphasia Test. Individual case descriptions illustrate the benefits of using KOPS as an addendum to language-systematic assessments of aphasia.

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