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Coello, Eduardo, Sperl, Jonathan I., Beque, Dirk, Benz, Tobias, Scherer, Kai, Herzen, Julia, Sztrokay-Gaul, Aniko, Hellerhoff, Karin, Pfeiffer, Franz, Cozzini, Cristina and Grandl, Susanne (2017): Fourier domain image fusion for differential X-ray phase-contrast breast imaging. In: European Journal of Radiology, Vol. 89: pp. 27-32

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


X-Ray Phase-Contrast (XPC) imaging is a novel technology with a great potential for applications in clinical practice, with breast imaging being of special interest. This work introduces an intuitive methodology to combine and visualize relevant diagnostic features, present in the X-ray attenuation, phase shift and scattering information retrieved in XPC imaging, using a Fourier domain fusion algorithm. The method allows to present complementary information from the three acquired signals in one single image, minimizing the noise component and maintaining visual similarity to a conventional X-ray image, but with noticeable enhancement in diagnostic features, details and resolution. Radiologists experienced in mammography applied the image fusion method to XPC measurements of mastectomy samples and evaluated the feature content of each input and the fused image. This assessment validated that the combination of all the relevant diagnostic features, contained in the XPC images, was present in the fused image as well.

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