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Sroka, Ronald; Dominik, Nikolas; Eisel, Max; Esipova, Anna; Freymüller, Christian; Heckl, Christian; Hennig, Georg; Homann, Christian; Höhne, Nicolas; Kammerer, Robert; Kellerer, Thomas; Lang, Alexander; Markwardt, Niklas; Pohla, Heike; Pongratz, Thomas; Schmedt, Claus-Georg; Stepp, Herbert; Ströbl, Stephan; Ulaganathan, Keerthanan; Zimmermann, Wolfgang and Rühm, Adrian (2017): Research and developments of laser assisted methods for translation into clinical application. In: Frontiers of Optoelectronics, Vol. 10, No. 3: pp. 239-254

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Biophotonics and laser medicine are very dynamic and continuously increasing fields ecologically as well as economically. Direct communication with medical doctors is necessary to identify specific requests and unmet needs. Information on innovative, new or renewed techniques is necessary to design medical devices for introduction into clinical application and finally to become established after positive clinical trials as well as medical approval. The long-term endurance in developing light based innovative clinical concepts and devices are described based on the Munich experience. Fluorescence technologies for laboratory medicine to improve non-invasive diagnosis or for online monitoring are described according with new approaches in improving photodynamic therapeutic aspects related to immunology. Regarding clinically related thermal laser applications, the introduction of new laser wavelengths and laser parameters showed potential in the treatment of varicose veins as well as in lithotripsy. Such directly linked research and development are possible when researchers and medical doctors perform their daily work in immediate vicinity, thus have the possibility to share their ideas in meetings by day.

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