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Gascoyne, Randy D.; Nadel, Bertrand; Pasqualucci, Laura; Fitzgibbon, Jude; Payton, Jacqueline E.; Melnick, Ari; Weigert, Oliver; Tarte, Karin; Gribben, John G.; Friedberg, Jonathan W.; Seymour, John F.; Cavalli, Franco; Zucca, Emanuele (2017): Follicular lymphoma: State-of-the-art ICML workshop in Lugano 2015. In: Hematological Oncology, Vol. 35, No. 4: pp. 397-407
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The 13th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma held in Lugano in June 2015 was preceded by a closed workshop (organized in collaboration with the American Association for Cancer Research and the European School of Oncology) with the aim of developing an up-to-date understanding of the biology of follicular lymphoma and the clinical implications of new findings in the field. Discussed topics included the mutational spectrum at diagnosis, the clinical correlates of genetic and epigenetic alterations, the mechanisms of clonal evolution and histological transformation, the cross talk between tumor cells and microenvironment, and the development of novel treatments. This report represents a summary of the workshop.