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Schulze, Johannes; Leberkuehne, Lisanne; Salzmann-Manrique, Emilia; Schubert, Ralf; Zielen, Stefan; Rosewich, Martin (2017): Comparison of two different assays and the predictive value of allergen components in house dust mite allergy. In: Immunotherapy, Vol. 9, No. 15: pp. 1253-1262
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Aim: In house dust mite (HDM) allergy diagnostics, the IMMULITE, ImmunoCAP and assays for allergen components (nDer p 1 and rDer p 2) are available. Methods: Serum sIgE levels were compared and the predictive values for the detection of an early asthmatic response (EAR) were calculated with receiver operating characteristics and a log-logistic regression model. Results: sIgE levels of IMMULITE and ImmunoCAP were similar (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus [D. pter.]47.3 +/- 35.7 and 42.9 +/- 34.4kU.l(-1);p=0.23). ImmunoCAP slgEs exhibited similar accuracy in detecting an EAR, area under the curves (AUCs): D. pter. (0.76);Dermatophagoides farinae (0.79);nDer p 1 (0.69);and rDer p 2 (0.72). At low sIgE concentrations (3.5kU.l(-1)), rDer p 2 was more specific and better predicted an EAR (probability rDer p 2: 62%;D. pter.: 19%).