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Cruz-Herranz, A.; Aytulun, A.; Balk, L.; Maier, O.; Zimmermann, H.; Feltgen, N.; Wolf, S.; Holz, F.; Finger, R.; Azuara-Blanco, A.; Barboni, P.; Rebolleda, G.; Sanchez-Dalmau, B.; Debuc, D. Cabrera; Gabilondo, I.; Havla, J.; Imitola, J.; Toosy, A.; Outteryck, O.; Nolan, R.; Kolbe, S.; Frederiksen, J. L.; Leocani, L.; Yeh, A.; Ringelstein, M.; Pihl-Jensen, G.; Preiningerova, J. L.; Schippling, S.; Costello, F.; Aktas, O.; Hartung, H-P.; Saidha, S.; Martinez-Lapiscina, E. H.; Lagreze, W. A.; Schuman, J. S.; Villoslada, P.; Calabresi, P.; Balcer, L.; Petzold, A.; Paul, F.; Green, A. J.; Brandt, A. U. and Albrecht, P. (2017): Revising the Advised Protocol for Optical coherence tomography Study Terminology and Elements (APOSTEL): from recommendations to formal guidelines. In: Multiple Sclerosis Journal, Vol. 23: pp. 566-568

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