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Link, Ellen Kathrin; Hoferer, Marc; Strobel, Birte; Rigbers, Kerstin; Langenmayer, Martin Christoph; Sutter, Gerd ORCID: 0000-0001-6143-082X; Fux, Robert (2017): Sus scrofa papillomavirus 2-genetic characterization of a novel suid papillomavirus from wild boar in Germany. In: Journal of General Virology, Vol. 98, No. 8: pp. 2113-2117
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We identified a novel papillomavirus, Sus scrofa papillomavirus 2 (SsPV2), which is the first papillomavirus associated with papillomas in pigs. In skin alterations of a German wild boar, showing typical gross and histological appearance of papillomas, papillomavirus-like particles were demonstrated by electron microscopy. Degenerate papillomavirus-specific primers were used to amplify and sequence parts of the viral DNA. Subsequently, the complete genomic DNA was cloned and sequenced. The SsPV2 genome had a length of 8218 bp, encoded the early proteins E6, E7, E1 and E2, the late proteins L1 and L2 and contained an upstream regulatory region. Genomic characterization demonstrated papillomavirus-typical characteristics as well as unique features. For example, the E2 protein was significantly larger than in every other known papillomavirus species. Phylogenetic analysis was not able to relate SsPV2 unambiguously with other papillomavirus species or existing genera. Therefore, it might be representative of a new papillomavirus genus.