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Budde, Emma Theresa and Heichel, Stephan (September 2017): Women Matter. The Impact of Gender Empowerment on Abortion Regulation in 16 European Countries between 1960 and 2010. In: Politics & Gender, Vol. 13, No. 3: pp. 432-457

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Abortion is undeniably a gender issue—even if not an exclusive one (e.g., Mazur 2002, 137–153; Warren 2000, 201–223. Due to a woman's physical reproductive capacities and, even more so, the patriarchal allocation of care work, members of the female sex bear by far the larger share of all burdens that come with pregnancy and especially unwanted pregnancy—be they physical, emotional, economic, life-course related, or other (England 2001; Tribe 1992, 106). For the longest time in history and across most societies and cultures, women were denied rights to make autonomous decisions in terms of whether and when to procreate, which is in one core aspect of bodily self-determination (Corrêa 2001; Staggenborg 2001).

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