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Adersberger, M.; Bender, M.; Biebel, O.; Bock, C.; Bogavac, D.; Duckeck, G.; Flierl, B. M.; Hartmann, N. M.; Heinrich, J. J.; Hertenberger, R.; Hönig, F.; Legger, F.; Lorenz, J.; Lösel, P. J.; Maier, T.; Mann, A.; Mehlhase, S.; Mitrevski, J.; Müller, R. S. P.; Schachtner, B. M.; Rauscher, F.; Schaile, D.; Unverdorben, C.; Valderanis, C.; Wagner-Kuhr, J.; Walker, R. (2017): Search for a scalar partner of the top quark in the jets plus missing transverse momentum final state at √s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, Nr. 12, 85


A search for pair production of a scalar partner of the top quark in events with four or more jets plus missing transverse momentum is presented. An analysis of 36.1 fb−1 of s√=13 TeV proton-proton collisions collected using the ATLAS detector at the LHC yields no significant excess over the expected Standard Model background. To interpret the results a simplified supersymmetric model is used where the top squark is assumed to decay via t~1→t(∗)χ~01 and t~1→bχ~±1→bW(∗)χ~01, where χ 1 0 (χ 1 ± ) denotes the lightest neutralino (chargino). Exclusion limits are placed in terms of the top-squark and neutralino masses. Assuming a branching ratio of 100% to tχ~01, top-squark masses in the range 450–1000 GeV are excluded for χ~01 masses below 160 GeV. In the case where mt~1∼mt+mχ~01, top-squark masses in the range 235–590 GeV are excluded.