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Grygier, J.; Goldenzweig, P.; Heck, M.; Kahn, J.; Kuhr, T.; Ritter, M. and Schlüter, T. (2017): Search for B -> h nu(nu)over-bar decays with semileptonic tagging at Belle. In: Physical Review D, Vol. 96, No. 9, 91101

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We present the results of a search for the rare decays B -> h nu(nu) over bar, where h stands for K+, K-S(0), K*(+);K*(0);pi(+);pi(0), rho(+) and rho(0). The results are obtained with 772 x 10(6) B (B) over bar pairs collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB e(+)e(-) collider. We reconstruct one B meson in a semileptonic decay and require a single h meson but nothing else on the signal side. We observe no significant signal and set upper limits on the branching fractions. The limits set on the B-0 -> K-S(0)nu(nu) over bar, B-0 -> K*(0)nu(nu) over bar, B+ -> pi(+)nu(nu) over bar, B-0 -> pi(0)nu(nu) over bar, B+ -> rho(+)nu(nu) over bar, and B-0 -> rho(0)nu(nu) over bar channels are the world's most stringent.

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