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Gao, Ying; Bin, Jianhui; Haffa, Daniel; Kreuzer, Christian; Hartmann, Jens; Speicher, Martin; Lindner, Florian H.; Ostermayr, Tobias M.; Hilz, Peter; Roesch, Thomas F.; Lehrack, Sebastian; Englbrecht, Franz; Seuferling, Sebastian; Gilljohann, Max; Ding, Hao; Ma, Wenjun; Parodi, Katia; Schreiber, Jörg (2017): An automated, 0.5Hz nano-foil target positioning system for intense laser plasma experiments. In: High Power Laser Science and Engineering, Vol. 5, e12
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We report on a target system supporting automated positioning of nano-targets with a precision resolution of in three dimensions. It relies on a confocal distance sensor and a microscope. The system has been commissioned to position nanometer targets with 1Hz repetition rate. Integrating our prototype into the table-top ATLAS 300 TW-laser system at the Laboratory for Extreme Photonics in Garching, we demonstrate the operation of a 0.5Hz laser-driven proton source with a shot-to-shot variation of the maximum energy about 27% for a level of confidence of 0.95. The reason of laser shooting experiments operated at 0.5Hz rather than 1Hz is because the synchronization between the nano-foil target positioning system and the laser trigger needs to improve.