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Nubbemeyer, Thomas; Kaumanns, Martin; Ueffing, Moritz; Gorjan, Martin; Alismail, Ayman; Fattahi, Hanieh; Brons, Jonathan; Pronin, Oleg; Barros, Helena G.; Major, Zsuzsanna; Metzger, Thomas; Sutter, Dirk; Krausz, Ferenc (2017): 1 kW, 200 mJ picosecond thin-disk laser system. In: Optics Letters, Vol. 42, No. 7: pp. 1381-1384
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We report on a laser system based on thin-disk technology and chirped pulse amplification, providing output pulse energies of 200 mJ at a 5 kHz repetition rate. The amplifier contains a ring-type cavity and two thin Yb:YAG disks, each pumped by diode laser systems providing up to 3.5 kW power at a 969 nm wavelength. The average output power of more than 1 kW is delivered in an excellent output beam characterized by M-2 = 1.1. The output pulses are compressed to 1.1 ps at full power with a pair of dielectric gratings. (C) 2017 Optical Society of America