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Edelmann, Franziska Theresia; Schlundt, Andreas; Heym, Roland Gerhard; Jenner, Andreas; Niedner-Boblenz, Annika; Syed, Muhammad Ibrahim; Paillart, Jean-Christophe; Stehle, Ralf; Janowski, Robert; Sattler, Michael; Jansen, Ralf-Peter; Niessing, Dierk (2017): Molecular architecture and dynamics of ASH1 mRNA recognition by its mRNA-transport complex. In: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Vol. 24, No. 2: pp. 152-161
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mRNA localization is an essential mechanism of gene regulation and is required for processes such as stem-cell division, embryogenesis and neuronal plasticity. It is not known which features in the cis-acting mRNA localization elements (LEs) are specifically recognized by motor-containing transport complexes. To the best of our knowledge, no high-resolution structure is available for any LE in complex with its cognate protein complex. Using X-ray crystallography and complementary techniques, we carried out a detailed assessment of an LE of the ASH1 mRNA from yeast, its complex with its shuttling RNA-binding protein She2p, and its highly specific, cytoplasmic complex with She3p. Although the RNA alone formed a flexible stem loop, She2p binding induced marked conformational changes. However, only joining by the unstructured She3p resulted in specific RNA recognition. The notable RNA rearrangements and joint action of a globular and an unfolded RNA-binding protein offer unprecedented insights into the step-wise maturation of an mRNA-transport complex.