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Sünkel, Karlheinz; Blum, Adrian (1992): Koordinationschemie perhalogenierter Cyclopentadiene und Alkine, X. Darstellung und Molekülstruktur eines Cyclopentadienyl-1,3-dithiol--Komplexes, [C5Cl3(SH)2]Mn(CO)3. In: Chemische Berichte, Vol. 125, No. 7: pp. 1605-1608


Coordination Chemistry of Perhalogenated Cyclopentadienes and Alkynes, X[1]. - Synthesis and Molecular Structure of a Cyclopentadienyl-1,3-dithiol Complex, [C5Cl3(SH)2]Mn(CO)3 The reaction of [C5Cl4Li]Mn(CO)3 with elemental sulfur leads to [C5Cl4SLi]Mn(CO)3 (1), which is easily oxidized by air to the disulfide (OC)3Mn[C5Cl4S-SCl4C5]Mn(CO)3 (2). Addition of one equivalent of BuLi, followed by an excess of S8 produces the dithiolate [C5Cl3(SLi)2]Mn(CO)3 (3), which yields the dithiol [C5Cl3(SH)2]Mn(CO)3 (5) upon hydrolysis. The molecular structures of 2 and 5 have been determined by X-ray diffraction.