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Branzan, Ramona; Sünkel, Karlheinz (2017): 2-Pyridylmetallocenes, Part VI.([1]) Double Cycloplatination of 1,1 '-Dipyridylferrocene. Synthesis and Molecular Structure of sigma-{Pt2Cl2(DMSO)(2)[Fe[eta(5)-(C5H3(2-C5H4N)(2)](2)]}. In: Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie, Vol. 643, No. 21: pp. 1364-1367
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The reaction of 1,1'-dipyridylferrocene with [PtCl2(DMSO)(2)] yields the doubly cyclometalated complex sigma-{Pt2Cl2(DMSO)(2)[Fe[eta(5)(C5H3(2-C5H4N)(2)](2)]} as a mixture of meso-and d, l-diastereomers. An X-ray structure determination of the obtained triclinic crystals (space group P (1) over bar) shows, however, only the chiral d,l form as a racemic mixture.