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Tambornino, Frank; Hoch, Constantin (2017): The simplest representative of a complex series: the Hg-rich amalgam Yb Hg-11 (54). In: Zeitschrift für Kristallographie-Crystalline Materials, Vol. 232, No. 43350: pp. 557-565
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Yb (11) Hg (54) is a new member of a series of amalgams with composition close to MHg (5). Its crystal structure was solved and refined on the basis of single crystal data. The structure model was confirmed with a Rietveld refinement. Yb (11) Hg (54) has the first crystal structure in this family in which no disorder effects such as mixed occupation, split positions or superstructure formation is observed. It therefore can be regarded as a parent structure for all other amalgams. The crystal structure of Yb (11) Hg (54) can be derived from the Gd (14) Ag (51) structure type, the aristotype of this family. We give a detailed crystal structure description for Yb (11) Hg (54) and discuss it in the context of the further known crystal structures closely related. A ranking within this structure family can be established by calculating features for the structural complexity for all structures, including the individual disorder phenomena.