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Schwarzer, Stefan; Stamer, Insa; Baum, Michael; Bethke, Christine; Ingwersen, Daniela; Liedtke, Patrick; Adelung, Rainer; Herges, Rainer; Parchmann, Ilka (2017): Struktur-Eigenschafts-Beziehungen an aktuellen Beispielen aus der Forschung weitergedacht: "Mikro-" und "nano-"Schichten sowie Oberflächen für Schule und Schülerlabor. In: Chemkon, Vol. 24, No. 4: pp. 192-208
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The Collaborative Research Center Function by Switching at Kiel University focuses on tiny, molecular machines in the field of nano-sciences. The intricate research topics are processed and transformed into different educational learning approaches. This is done through close cooperation between chemistry education and science researchers. A major focus lies on school students' hands- and minds-on experiences of micro- and nano-scale (switchable) structures and layers. Two examples, the determination of a soap-bubble film thickness and the generation of a micro- and nanostructured surface with Lotus-Effect (R), are discussed in additional worksheets. Both topics offer ways and means to improve learning approaches in view of the perception of surfaces and related structure-property relationships.