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Hatada, Keisuke; Cicco, Andrea di (2017): Modeling Non-Equilibrium Dynamics and Saturable Absorption Induced by Free Electron Laser Radiation. In: Applied Sciences-Basel, Vol. 7, No. 8, 814


Currently available X-ray and extreme ultraviolet free electron laser (FEL) sources provide intense ultrashort photon pulses. Those sources open new exciting perspectives for experimental studies of ultrafast non-equilibrium processes at the nanoscale in condensed matter. Theoretical approaches and computer simulations are being developed to understand the complicated dynamical processes associated with the interaction of FEL pulses with matter. In this work, we present the results of the application of a simplified three-channel model to the non-equilibrium dynamics of ultrathin aluminum films excited by FEL radiation at 33.3, 37 and 92 eV photon energy. The model includes semi-classical rate equations coupled with the equation of propagation of the photon wave packets. X-ray transmission measurements are found to be in agreement with present simulations, which are also able to shed light on temporal dynamics (in the fs range) in nano-sized Al films strongly interacting with the photon pulse. We also expanded our non-linear model, explicitly including the two-photon absorption cross-section and the effect of including electron heating for reproducing transmission measurements.