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Sünkel, Karlheinz; Birk, Uwe; Hofmann, Julian (1994): Coordination chemistry of perhalogenated cyclopentadienes and alkynes. XIV. Synthesis of dinuclear ring-bridged cymantrenes with ---SiMe2--- or ---TiCp2--- bridges. Structures of [(OC)3Mn(C5Br4−)]2SiMe2 and [(OC)3Mn(C5Cl4−)]2TiCp2. In: Inorganica Chimica Acta, Vol. 218, No. 1-2: pp. 173-178


[C5Br5]Mn(CO)3 reacts with butyl lithium and one equivalent of SiMe2Cl2 to yield [C5Br4SiMe2Cl]Mn(CO)3 (1). The reaction of 1 with [C5X4Li]Mn(CO)3 (X=Br, Cl) gives the bimetallic compounds (OC)3Mn(C5Br4--- SiMe2---C5X4)Mn(CO)3 (X=Br (2), Cl (3))·2 can also be obtained by reaction of two equivalents of [C5Br4Li]- Mn(CO)3 with one equivalent of SiMe2Cl2· [C5Cl4Li]Mn(CO)3 reacts with Cp2TiCl2, depending on the reaction conditions, to yield the bi- and trimetallic compounds [C5Cl4TiCp2Cl]Mn(CO)3 (4) and (OC)3Mn(C5Cl4--- TiCp2---C5Cl4)Mn(CO)3 (5). The molecular structures of 2 and 5 have been determined by X-ray crystallography.