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Hüffer, Stephan; Wieser, Michael; Polborn, Kurt; Sünkel, Karlheinz; Beck, Wolfgang (1994): Kohlenwasserstoffverbrückte Komplexe, XXX. Nucleophile Addition von Carbonylmetallaten an kationische Vinyl-, Dien-, Dienyl- und Trien-Komplexe von Eisen, Ruthenium und Cobalt: Zwei-, drei-, vier- und fünfkernige Komplexe mit ,- und ,-Kohlenwasserstoffbrücken. In: Chemische Berichte, Vol. 127, No. 8: pp. 1369-1377




Hydrocarbon-Bridged Complexes, XXX. - Nucleophilic Addition of Carbonylmetallates to Cationic Vinyl, Diene, Dienyl and Triene Complexes of Iron, Ruthenium and Cobalt: Di-, Tri-, Tetra- and Pentametallic Complexes with ,- and ,-Hydrocarbon Bridges[Note ][Herrn Professor Ekkehard Lindner zum 60. Geburtstag gewidmet.] The reactions of [Re(CO)5]-, [Ru(CO)2Cp]-, and [Os(CO)4]2- with [Cp2(OC)2Fe2(-CO)(-1:2-CH=CH2)]+, [Cp*Ru(2:4-1,3,7-octatriene)]+, [(OC)Fe(4-diene)(5-cycloheptadienyl)]+, and [CpCo(5-cyclodienyl)]+ give the nucleophilic adducts whereas with [Mn(CO)5]-, [W(CO)3Cp]-, and [Fe(CO)2Cp]- formation of the corresponding C-C coupling products and of the metal-metal-bonded dimers is observed. The structures of Cp*Ru(-1:2:3-1,5-octadienyl)Re(CO)5 (4), [Cp* Ru(-1:2:3-1,5-octadienyl)]2Os(CO)4 (6), and of (OC)-Fe(4-1,3-cyclohexadiene) (-1:4-1,3-cycloheptadiene)Re(CO)5 (9) have been determined by X-ray diffraction.