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Hälbich, Ingo W.; Lamprecht, W.; Altermann, Wladyslaw and Horstmann, U. E. (1992): A carbonate-banded iron formation transition in the Early Protorezoicum of South Africa. In: Journal of African Earth Sciences, Vol. 15, No. 2: pp. 217-236 [PDF, 2MB]

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Seven new and two resurveyed stratigraphic sections through the important carbonate-BIF transition in Griqualand West are presented and compared with six published sections. Lateral correlation within this zone is attempted but the variability was found to be too great for meaningful subdivision. Substantial lithological irregularity is the only unifying character of this zone, for which the new name Finsch Member (Formation) is proposed. Vertical and lateral lithological variations as well as chemical changes across this zone are discussed with reference to environmental aspects. Local and regional considerations lead to the conclusion that fresh water-sea water mixing occurred in a shallowing basin.

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