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Saibeh, Kartini; Boyce, Peter C.; Wong, Sin Yeng (2017): Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo LV: Schismatoglottis saafiei and Schismatoglottis zainuddinii spp. nov from Tawau Hills, Sabah. In: Nordic Journal of Botany, Vol. 35, No. 6: pp. 719-723
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Schismatoglottis saafiei Kartini, P. C. Boyce & S. Y. Wong and Schismatoglottis zainuddinii Kartini, P. C. Boyce & S. Y. Wong are described and illustrated as new species from Tawau Hills N.P., Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Schismatoglottis zainuddinii is the first record of the Schismatoglottis Asperata clade for Sabah. Schismatoglottis saafiei belongs to a complex of species centred on S. trifasciata Hallier.f.