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Ceylan, Savas; Driel, Martin van; Euchner, Fabian; Khan, Amir; Clinton, John; Krischer, Lion; Bose, Maren; Stahler, Simon; Giardini, Domenico (2017): From Initial Models of Seismicity, Structure and Noise to Synthetic Seismograms for Mars. In: Space Science Reviews, Vol. 211, No. 43191: pp. 595-610
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The InSight mission will land a single seismic station on Mars in November 2018, and the resultant seismicity catalog will be a key component for studies aiming to understand the interior structure of the planet. Here, we present a preliminary version of the web services that will be used to distribute the event and station metadata in practice, employing synthetic seismograms generated for Mars using a catalog of expected seismicity. Our seismicity catalog consists of 120 events with double-couple source mechanisms only. We also provide Green's functions databases for a total of 16 structural models, which are constructed to reflect one-dimensional thin (30 km) and thick (80 km) Martian crust with varying seismic wave speeds and densities, combined with two different profiles for temperature and composition for the mantle. Both the Green's functions databases and the precomputed seismograms are accessible online. These new utilities allow the researchers to either download the precomputed synthetic waveforms directly, or produce customized data sets using any desired source mechanism and event distribution via our servers.