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Pillaca, Mirtha; Harder, Oliver; Miller, Wolfram; Gille, Peter (2017): Forced convection by Inclined Rotary Bridgman method for growth of CoSb3 and FeSb2 single crystals from Sb-rich solutions. In: Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 475: pp. 346-353
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Sb-based compounds such as CoSb3 and FeSb2 are interesting materials for thermoelectric applications. Their single crystal growth can be achieved from high-temperature solutions that are strongly enriched in Sb. In Bridgman growth using closed ampoules, effective mixing of the solution is an important prerequisite in order to minimize the high risk of liquid inclusion formation. We have successfully grown inclusion-free single crystal of CoSb3 and FeSb2 by rotating the ampoule in a Bridgman-type crystal growth set-up being inclined by 75 degrees with respect to the vector of gravity. Numerical modelling as well as experimental growth studies have demonstrated the strong influence of forced convection that is achieved by this modified directional solidification technique called Inclined Rotary Bridgman method.