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Bischof, Michael; Schmude, Jürgen; Bauer, Manuela (2017): Tourismus und Klimawandel – Eine nachfrageseitige Analyse zu Wahrnehmung und Reaktion am Beispiel der Alpen. In: Zeitschrift für Tourismuswissenschaft, Vol. 9, No. 2: pp. 221-247
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Weather and climate are important factors influencing tourism, and climate change also plays an important role in tourism (Dwyer et al. 2009;Lohmann & Aderhold 2009;Eisenstein 2016). This applies both to the supply and demand side (Scott et al. 2012;Lohmann & Hubner 2013). Tourism research has seen an increasing number of studies in recent years (BMWFW 2012;Basin 2013). Often, the effects of climate change on tourism are simulated by computer-based models in varying levels of detail (Sax et al. 2016). It is striking that the focus of the investigations has been on the suppliers' side. With a few exceptions for winter sport tourists (e.g. Dawson et al. 2013) only a few explorative studies for all market segments in tourism have been carried out (e.g. Reintinger et al. 2016). This research gap is the starting point for the present analysis of the discrepancy between perception and (potential) reaction of tourists to the effects of climate change on the basis of empirical surveys (standardized face-to-face survey) carried out in two selected Alpine destinations (Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Meran).