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Ivanov, Alexander O.; Seuss, Barbara and Nützel, Alexander (2017): The fish assemblage from the Pennsylvanian Buckhorn Asphalt Quarry Lagerstatte (Oklahoma, USA). In: Palz, Vol. 91, No. 4: pp. 565-576

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A diverse assemblage of fishes (isolated teeth and scales) is reported from the Middle to Upper Pennsylvanian Buckhorn Asphalt Quarry Lagerstatte in Oklahoma, USA. The assemblage includes chondrichthyans such as the bransonelliform Bransonella lingulata, the xenacanthiform Xenacanthus, the symmoriiform Stethacanthus, ctenacanthiforms, an polyacrodontid euselachian, anachronistid neoselachians (Cooleyella amazonensis and C. sp.) and an iniopterygian paraselachian cf. Sibyrhynchidae. Moreover, the assemblage encompasses remains of acanthodians and various actinopterygians and a single specimen of an osteolepiform sarcopterygian. Most of the taxa are cosmopolitan during the Late Palaeozoic. The occurrence of bransonelliform and xenacanthiform species at the same locality is very rare in the Carboniferous. The assemblage yields the first Carboniferous occurrences of a polyacrodontid hybodontoid and an actinopterygian belonging to the Acropholidae. Bransonella lingulata from the Desmoinesian/Moscovian of the Buckhorn Asphalt Quarry in Oklahoma represents the youngest occurrence of this species.

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