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Endres, W.; Grafe, Peter; Bostock, Hugh and Ten Bruggencate, Gerrit (1986): Changes in extracellular pH during electrical stimulation of isolated rat vagus nerve. In: Neuroscience Letters, Vol. 64, No. 2: pp. 201-205 [PDF, 247kB]


Double-barrelled pH-sensitive micro-electrodes were used to record changes of extracellular pH during repetitive stimulation of isolated rat vagus nerves. It was found that a small initial alkaline shift was followed by a prolonged acidification. The acidification was correlated in time with the poststimulus undershoot of the extracellular K+ activity and with the recovery phase of the nerve conduction velocity. In the presence of ouabain, the acid component of the pH change was completely abolished (indicating a metabolic origin), whereas the alkaline component remained unaltered. These pH changes were too small to make a significant contribution to the activity-related changes in conduction velocity of the vagal C-fibres.

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