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Shebani, Suhair O.; Rehman, Rizwan; Taliotis, Demetris; Magee, Alan; Hayes, Nicholas J.; Baspinar, Osman; Martinez, Zunzunegui; Haas, Nikolaus; Duke, Christopher (2017): Techniques for Transcatheter Retrieval of the Occlutech ASD Device United Kingdom- European Multicenter Report. In: Catheterization and Cardiovascular interventions, Vol. 89, No. 4: pp. 690-698
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Aims: To gather current experience in Occlutech ASD device retrieval, to determine whether snaring is an effective technique and to highlight alternative retrieval techniques;Methods and Results: United Kingdom and European Occlutech ASD device implanters reported their experience in dealing with device embolization and retrieval. Six operators reported 12 retrieval cases. Retrieval was successful in 92% (11/12), although in most cases it was not straightforward and required multiple attempts using different techniques and equipment. When each different technique or equipment combination was considered separately, there were a total of 23 retrieval attempts. Fifteen attempts involved snaring the ball on the right atrial disc of the device ("the RA pin"). In 12/15 of these attempts the snare slipped off the RA pin. In 8/15 attempts snaring eventually failed. In two cases retrieval was facilitated by elongating the device in a blood vessel. In three cases retrieval was achieved by grasping the RA pin with the jaws of the Occlutech Flex II delivery cable;Conclusions: Snares do not grip the RA pin sufficiently to reliably retrieve the device. Funnelling the device into a blood vessel or grasping the RA pin with the jaws of the delivery cable may be successful alternatives. (C) 2016 Wiley-Blackwell Periodicals, Inc.