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Molinuevo, José L.; Rabin, Laura A.; Amariglio, Rebecca; Buckley, Rachel; Dubois, Bruno; Ellis, Kathryn A.; Ewers, Michael; Hampel, Harald; Klöppel, Stefan; Rami, Lorena; Reisberg, Barry; Saykin, Andrew J.; Sikkes, Sietske; Smart, Colette M.; Snitz, Beth E.; Sperling, Reisa; Flier, Wiesje M. van der; Wagner, Michael; Jessen, Frank (2017): Implementation of subjective cognitive decline criteria in research studies. In: Alzheimers & Dementia, Vol. 13, No. 3: pp. 296-311
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Introduction: Subjective cognitive decline (SCD) manifesting before clinical impairment could serve as a target population for early intervention trials in Alzheimer's disease (AD). A working group, the Subjective Cognitive Decline Initiative (SCD-I), published SCD research criteria in the context of preclinical AD. To successfully apply them, a number of issues regarding assessment and implementation of SCD needed to be addressed. Methods: Members of the SCD-I met to identify and agree on topics relevant to SCD criteria operationalization in research settings. Initial ideas and recommendations were discussed with other SCD-I working group members and modified accordingly. Results: Topics included SCD inclusion and exclusion criteria, together with the informant's role in defining SCD presence and the impact of demographic factors. Discussion: Recommendations for the operationalization of SCD in differing research settings, with the aim of harmonization of SCD measurement across studies are propcised, to enhance comparability and generalizability across studies. (C) 2016 the Alzheimer's Association.