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Grafe, Peter; Rimpel, Jürgen; Reddy, M. M. and Ten Bruggencate, Gerrit (1982): Changes of intracellular sodium and potassium ion concentrations in frog spinal motoneurons induced by repetitive synaptic stimulation. In: Neuroscience, Vol. 7, No. 12: pp. 3213-3220 [PDF, 553kB]


A post-tetanic membrane hyperpolarization following repetitive neuronal activity is a commonly observed phenomenon in the isolated frog spinal cord as well as in neurons of other nervous tissues. We have now used double-barrelled Na+- and K+-ion-sensitive microelectrodes to measure the intracellular Na+- and K+-concentrations and also the extracellular K+-concentration of lumbar spinal motoneurons during and after repetitive stimulation of a dorsal root. The results show that the posttetanic membrane hyperpolarization occurred at a time when the intracellular [Na+] reached its maximal value, intracellular [K+] had its lowest level and extracellular [K+] was still elevated. The hyperpolarization was blocked by ouabain and reduced by Li+.

These data support the previous suggestion that an electrogenic Na+/K+ pump mode may be the mechanism underlying the post-tetanic membrane hyperpolarization.

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