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Almagro-Molto, M.; Haas, A.; Melcher, C.; Nam-Apostolopoulos, Y. C.; Schubert, S. (2017): First case of Roussoella percutanea bursitis. In: Diagnostic Microbiology and infectious Disease, Vol. 87, No. 2: pp. 172-174
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Roussoella percutanea is a novel opportunistic pathogen firstly identified in 2014. It is known to cause subcutaneous infection in immunosuppressed patients. We report on the first case of R. percutanea bursitis in a renal transplant patient. We provide new data about its identification, drug susceptibility, and treatment outcome. Here we demonstrate that R. percutanea is a potential human pathogen.