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Loomans, Bas; Opdam, Niek; Attin, Thomas; Bartlett, David; Edelhoff, Daniel; Frankenberger, Roland; Benic, Goran; Ramseyer, Simon; Wetselaar, Peter; Sterenborg, Bernadette; Hickel, Reinhard; Pallesen, Ulla; Mehta, Shamir; Banerji, Subir; Lussi, Adrian; Wilson, Nairn (2017): Severe Tooth Wear: European Consensus Statement on Management Guidelines. In: Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, Vol. 19, No. 2: pp. 111-119
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This paper presents European expert consensus guidelines on the management of severe tooth wear. It focuses on the definition of physiological vs pathological tooth wear and recommends diagnosis, prevention, counseling, and monitoring aimed at elucidating the etiology, nature, rate and means of controlling pathological tooth wear. Management decisions are multifactorial, depending principally on the severity and effects of the wear and the wishes of the patient. Restorative intervention is typically best delayed as long as possible. When such intervention is indicated and agreed upon with the patient, a conservative, minimally invasive approach is recommended, complemented by supportive preventive measures. Examples of adhesive, minimum-intervention management protocols are presented.