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Classen, Janine; Dengler, Berrett; Klinger, Christoph J.; Bettenay, Sonya V.; Rickerts, Volker and Müller, Ralf S. (2017): Kutane Alternariose eines immunsupprimierten Hundes erfolgreich behandelt mit Kaltplasma und Absetzen der immunsuppressiven Therapie. In: Tierärztliche Praxis Ausgabe Kleintiere Heimtiere, Vol. 45, No. 5: pp. 337-343

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A cutaneous infection with Alternaria spp. was diagnosed in a 2-year old male intact Irish setter dog, presenting with multifocal papules, plaques and ulcerations involving all four distal limbs, shoulder blades, scrotum, pinnae and nasal mucous membranes The dog had been treated for inflammatory bowel disease and lymphangiectasia with immunosuppressive doses of cyclosporine and prednisolone for approximately 3 months. The diagnosis was based on clinical signs, the demonstration of fungal elements within skin biopies, deep fungal culture and fungal PCR from a formalin-fixed tissue specimen. Complete clinical remission was achieved by tapering and cessation of the immunosuppressive medication, treatment with cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAPP) and topical enilconazole within 8 weeks.

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