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Feintzeig, Benjamin H.; Fletcher, Samuel C. (2017): On Noncontextual, Non-Kolmogorovian Hidden Variable Theories. In: Foundations of Physics, Vol. 47, No. 2: pp. 294-315
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One implication of Bell's theorem is that there cannot in general be hidden variable models for quantum mechanics that both are noncontextual and retain the structure of a classical probability space. Thus, some hidden variable programs aim to retain noncontextuality at the cost of using a generalization of the Kolmogorov probability axioms. We generalize a theorem of Feintzeig (Br J Philos Sci 66(4): 905-927, 2015) to show that such programs are committed to the existence of a finite null cover for some quantum mechanical experiments, i.e., a finite collection of probability zero events whose disjunction exhausts the space of experimental possibilities.