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Ferro, L.; Lukowski, T.; Orta, A.; Parisi, M. (2017): Tree-level scattering amplitudes from the amplituhedron. In: 7th Young Researcher Meeting, Vol. 841, 12037
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A central problem in quantum field theory is the computation of scattering amplitudes. However, traditional methods are impractical to calculate high order phenomeno-logically relevant observables. Building on a few decades of astonishing progress in developing non-standard computational techniques, it has been recently conjectured that amplitudes in planar N = 4 super Yang-Mills are given by the volume of the (dual) amplituhedron. After providing an introduction to the subject at tree-level, we discuss a special class of differential equations obeyed by the corresponding volume forms. In particular, we show how they fix completely the amplituhedron volume for next-to-maximally helicity violating scattering amplitudes.