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Jaron, F.; Massi, M.; Sharma, R.; Fuhrmann, L.; Angelakis, E.; Myserlis, I.; Li, G.; Shi, X. (2017): Short-term Radio Variability in the Gamma-ray Emitting X-ray Binary LS I+61 degrees 303. In: High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy, Vol. 1792, 40032
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The high-mass X-ray binary LS I + 61 degrees 303 is detected from radio up to very high energy gamma-rays. The source consists of a Be star and a compact object in an eccentric orbit. Observations have shown evidence for radio microflares superimposed on larger outbursts. We observed the decaying phase of one large radio outburst with the 100-m telescope in Effelsberg at 5, 8, and 10 GHz. We observed microflaring activity with periodicities of 9.5 and 14.9 hours. We discuss the possible physical processes behind these quasi-periodic oscillations.