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Lippke, Jann; Brosent, Birte; Zons, Tobias von; Virmani, Erika; Lilienthal, Sebastian; Preuße, Thomas; Hülsmann, Miriam; Schneider, Andreas M.; Wuttke, Stefan; Behrens, Peter; Godt, Adelheid (2017): Expanding the Group of Porous Interpenetrated Zr-Organic Frameworks (PIZOFs) with Linkers of Different Lengths. In: Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 56, No. 2: pp. 748-761
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A Zr-based MOF of the PIZOF type, which consists of two independent and mutually interpenetrating UiO-type frameworks with [Zr6O4(OH)(4)(O2C)(12)] nodes, does not only form with a PEPEP dicarboxylic acid (P = phenylene, E = ethynylene). Also dicarboxylic acids with the shorter PPPP and PEPP spacers were found to give PIZOFs, denoted PPPP-PIZOF and PEPP-PIZOF, respectively. Reducing the spacer length even further to a PEEP segment caused a switchover to the formation of a UiO framework. The hysteresis in the Ar sorption curve of PEPP-PIZOF-1 and the slightly too large amount of combustion residue from PPPP-PIZOF-1 suggest structural defects. These hint at a mismatch between the requirement of the optimal linker length for PIZOF formation and the lengths of the PEPP and PPPP dicarboxylates. Nevertheless, these dicarboxylates prefer the formation of a PIZOF over the formation of a UiO structure. PEPEP-PIZOF-2, PPPP-PIZOF-1, and PEPP-PIZOF-1 are stable in air up to 325, 350, and 300 degrees C, respectively, and have BET surface areas of 2350, 2020, and 1650 m(2) g(-1), respectively. PEPEP-PIZOFs, even those with very hydrophilic oligo(ethylene glycol) side chains on the linkers, are very stable in water and also during drying from a water-wetted state. On the contrary, PEPP-PIZOF-1 and PPPP-PIZOF-1 that had been exposed to water required exchange of water for ethanol before drying to mostly preserve the framework. The results emphasize the importance of differentiating between framework damage caused through hydrolysis in water and through drying from a water-wetted state. The sensitivity of PEPP-PIZOF-1 and PPPP-PIZOF-1 against drying from a water-wetted state may be the consequence of defects. The drying stability of water-wetted PEPEP-PIZOFs lets us suggest that reversible bending of the linkers contributes to the stability of the PEPEP-PIZOFs.