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Cai, Yingxiao; Benischke, Andreas D.; Knochel, Paul; Gosmini, Corinne (2017): Cobalt-Catalyzed Reductive Cross-Coupling Between Styryl and Benzyl Halides. In: Chemistry-A European Journal, Vol. 23, No. 2: pp. 250-253
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A simple and efficient protocol for the direct reductive cross-coupling between alkenyl and benzyl halides using a Co/Mn system has been developed. This reaction proceeds smoothly in the presence of [CoBr2(PPh3)(2)] as the catalyst, with NaI as an additive in acetonitrile with a broad scope of functionalized alkenyl and benzyl halides. Different functional groups are tolerated on both coupling partners, thus, significantly extending the general scope of transition-metal-catalyzed benzylation of alkenyl halides. Moderate to excellent yields were also obtained. From a mechanistic point of view, a radical chain mechanism was proposed. This reaction is stereospecific and some studies suggest the retention of the double-bond configuration.