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Bremer, Matthias; Reinke, Ruprecht; Hesseler, Britta; Taale, Mohammadreza; Ingwersen, Daniela; Schwarzer, Stefan; Selhuber-Unkel, Christine; Gerken, Martina (2017): Noncovalent Spiropyran Coatings for Photoinduced Wettability Switching. In: Journal of Nanomaterials, Vol. 2017, 6498601


The noncovalent binding of spiropyran to candle-soot-covered surfaces is investigated for wettability switching using a coating procedure realized with a drop casting process of using 0.001 mol/L spiropyran in a 5 : 1 toluene-acetone mixture. Scanning electron microscopy images reveal a resulting surface with spiropyran flakes in the candle soot. A reversible switching with UV light and blue or green light is achieved, starting from an initial contact angle of 130 degrees +/- 9.68 degrees. The highest contact angle difference is 41 degrees and reversibility has been shown for several switching cycles. Hence, our methods provide an easy-to-use strategy to generate surfaces with switchable wettability.