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Müller, Alexander; Kondofersky, Ilina; Folger, Alena; Fattakhova-Rohlfing, Dina; Bein, Thomas; Scheu, Christina (2017): Dual absorber Fe₂O₃/WO₃ host-guest architectures for improved charge generation and transfer in photoelectrochemical applications. In: Materials Research Express, Vol. 4, No. 1
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In this study the influence of the spatial distribution and of different nanostructures of WO3 and Fe2O3 in the dual absorber system Fe2O3/WO3 was systematically investigated for the first time. WO3 was applied as a scaffold and/or as a surface treatment to mesoporous Fe2O3 films. Both approaches strongly increased the performance compared to the individual photoabsorbers. By combining a host guest architecture with a surface treatment, current densities of about 0.7 mA cm(-2) at 1.23 V versus reversible hydrogen electrode under AM 1.5 illumination with an incident photon-to-current efficiency of 17% at 350 nm were achieved without the use of further catalysts. We could identify several beneficial interactions between Fe2O3 and WO3. WO3 strongly scatters visible light, resulting in increased absorption by Fe2O3 and higher current densities. We also determined a cathodic shift in the onset potential to 0.8 V and increased transfer rates of up to 88%. This combination of beneficial effects proves the viability of the presented device architecture.