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Rangarajan, Mahesh; Desai, Ajay; Sukumar, R.; Easa, P. S.; Menon, Vivek; Vincent, S.; Ganguly, Suparna; Talukdar, B. K.; Singh, Brijendra; Mudappa, Divya; Chowdhary, Sushant; Prasad, A. N. (31. August 2010): Gajah. Securing the Future for Elephants in India. The Report of the Elephant Task Force, Ministry of Environment and Forests. August 31, 2010. New Delhi: Ministry of Environment and Forests.
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It is estimated that six in every ten wild Asian elephants live in India. This report by the Ministry of Environment and Forests in India outlines plans to safeguard the species and associated habitats in the face of rapid economic expansion and development pressures.