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Gnant, Michael; Thomssen, Christoph; Harbeck, Nadia (2015): St. Gallen/Vienna 2015: A Brief Summary of the Consensus Discussion. In: Breast Care, Vol. 10, No. 2: pp. 124-130


The 2015 St. Gallen Consensus Conference on early breast cancer took place in Vienna, Austria, for the first time. After 3 days of high-level presentations by international panel members of clinical trials having been reported recently in the field, the traditional Saturday voting tried to translate the assembled knowledge into clinical treatment recommendations intended to guide clinical practice of breast cancer care for the 'average' patient. This report summarizes the results of the 2015 international panel voting procedures with respect to locoregional and endocrine treatment, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, as well as adjuvant bisphosphonate use. This report is not aimed to replace the official St. Gallen consensus publication - some recommendations may even be altered in the final paper - but should serve as a preliminary rapid report of this important meeting.