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Paquet, Patrick; Fischer, Marie T.; Distelmaier, Peter; Mammen, Antje; Meyer, Linda M. and Schönfeld, Carl-Ludwig (2015): Bilateral Simultaneous Retinal Detachment in Pseudophakia. In: Case reports in ophthalmology, Vol. 6, No. 3: pp. 298-300 [PDF, 534kB]


Cataract surgery is the most frequent surgical intervention, with approximately 700,000 operations per year in Germany alone. One of the most serious complications is retinal detachment, with a reported incidence rate of pseudophakic retinal detachment of 0.75-1.65%. We report the case of a patient who suffered from a simultaneous bilateral pseudophakic retinal detachment. Interestingly, the bilateral detachments in the left and the right eye started with only some hours' delay. He had no acute trigger for the retinal detachment and no risk factors besides the cataract surgery performed on both eyes some weeks earlier. Simultaneous bilateral retinal detachments will be more common, due to increasing numbers of cataract surgeries and the demographic development. We conclude that funduscopy should be regularly performed in mydriasis to avoid sight-threatening simultaneous bilateral retinal detachments.

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